#2565 – kung fu redux

went with dannyg2005 to the international spy museum in dc… it was ok, but the museum was a bit confusing to get around in, and it didn’t really tell me much i didn’t know about. 😛 however, we did get to run amok in dc though!

dan on the metro

dan obviously doesn’t know how to read the sign

i know kung-fu… really!

…ok, maybe i don’t… i had to buy some at the KUNG FU GIFT SHOP

dan found a psychedelic panda

we had lunch at fuddruckers

and we looked at each other through onion rings (i have no idea why)

dan loves his taters

also, a few different icons, two from today, two from yesterday…

in other news, dad’s first book was featured in the paper yesterday 😀 😀 😀

and in other other news, southwest airlines at BWI airport in baltimore will be featured on a&e tonight! XD