#2557 – taking care of business

work today was eh, nothing special. i’m trying to convince matt (HEY MATT WHAT’S UP) who is one of our techs at work to sign up for livejournal… he liked that i posted up “twilight” yesterday, so, guess what matt? next post is going to be friends-only and include an ELO song… hee hee hee *bait* XD

later at work this girl came in and she had some questions – she had bought a phone earlier in the day, but didn’t understand how the $100 credit was applied to her purchase or if she recieved the credit at all. i explained how it worked to her and it took a few tries, and involved her leading me across the store to the price tag she saw earlier, and when she was still having trouble understanding she said “i’m not going to tell you i was a finance major!” to which i replied “too late!”

eventually she figured it out… she was cute though, i should have asked for her number (AND I WORK IN A PHONE STORE TOO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD *dies*). oh well.

it seems that all the lambda chi’s are getting on the lj bus… producer_chris, apb_don, johnhr11, ski309 just to name a few… i keep finding more joining up every day

hmm… i’m a bit hungry, even after eating dinner…

“i love beans”, brak (784k)