#2556 – welcome to the neighborhood

i convinced my manager to let me go home early – i was scheduled to work 11 – 8 (what kind of hours is that?? normally it’s only 11 – 7 or 7:30), so i reminded him how i stayed an hour and a half extra the other day and he let me go home early XD

when i got home dad told me that i got a box in the mail.

me: “box? what box?? i’m not expecting any box!”


the goodies!

a “forgive them, because it’s not every day they see a mini” note…

tilting this pen back and forth causes the inside (a mini, in this case) to go back and forth – whee!

things kind of like business cards to pass out to interested people, hahaha

roadside assistance card

this is AWESOME! *_*

i think i’ll be making use of the “HEY SEXY” one, oh yes… XD

a travel journal!

and (best of all) MINI TRAVEL BINGO.

XDD i so wasn’t expecting anything like this. 😀 😀

now to clean my room ^^;; it’s in dire need of a cleaning and reorganizing ^^;;;

– for you itunes users out there: “prologue / twilight”, electric light orchestra (5.8 MB)