#2555 – hawaiian shirt brigade

quiz stolen from ocarina: You are a WEDF–Wacky Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you a menace to society, depending on how you channel your energies. You chew your fingers and have an addictive personality. Properly guided, you can be enormously productive–otherwise you run amok, stir up trouble, and generally have a hell of a good time.

To your friends, you are a source of relentless entertainment. You often get into trouble, but you almost always find a way out. You are strangely popular and feed off others’ energy. You live hard, seize the day, and although your more sober friends would like to see you settled down, you generally have fewer regrets and better memories than they do. Your tenet is that, at the end of the day, one regrets only what one didn’t try. You are right.

You could benefit from outside help in balancing your highs and lows. Or perhaps cutting back on the caffeine

menace to society? who? me?? naww… *returns to drinking his juice in the hood* XD

went to the apple store today because i needed 2 hard drives (a big one, and a REALLY big one!), and they were the only place that had any that could use firewire 800… after checking the websites for compusa and best buy i realized that the best place to find stuff for apple computers would be at – duh – TEH APPEL STORE, durrr. 😛 so i ended up getting this nifty 80 gig hard drive to cart around with me, and a big ol’ 250 gig hard drive to leave on my desk at home, and use that to back up my powerbook AND the 80 gig firelite drive and have room to spare as well! XD i needed to get that drive with firewire 800 because who cares how fast firewire is, it takes 1 hour to copy 80 gigs, let alone 4 times that much 😛

feisty_fitz went to the beach today, and brought me back a hawaiian shirt! 😀 😀 😀 i am OFFICIALLY DECLARING COMIC-CON TO BE THE FIRST ANNUAL MEET-UP OF THE HAWAIIAN SHIRT BRIGADE. – basically if you’ve got a hawaiian shirt, then BRING it and WEAR it at least one of the days! i’m sure troutman will back me up on this one… i’ve got two of them myself to bring and wear 😀 😀

also, now that i’ve got my hard drives i was able to do some flip-flopping around (one 60 gig went out of the server into the family’s imac, and the stuff i had copied on the server as backup went onto my big drives), and now thelemon is back up! 😀 this means that feisty_fitz can also now post pictures of girls in bikinis >_>

also now that the server is back up…

– for all you itunes users out there, “dear spike”, aquabats (3.7 MB)… i discovered this one on my way to the apple store – my ipod needed to charge so i burned a random cd of songs i had not heard at all in at least the past 31 days and did not know what was on it until i started driving. this one is VERY catchy, i kept listening to it over and over XD

– for everybody, “sofa no. 1”, michael hedges (1.8 MB)… yes, that is a frank zappa cover.