#2552 – atlantic city

i wish we had some a&w root beer… i’d make myself a mad hungarian (a&w + rum)… guess i’ll have to settle for barq’s instead…

anyway, i just got back from atlantic city about 30 minutes ago. here’s the events of the day:

i went to shopper’s food warehouse this morning after showering and getting dressed and took my jar of coins in there – i put in some extra change i found in the car as well, and ended up getting back about $87 after coinstar took their cut. after filling up the car with gas i drove out to atlantic city (stopping at a truck stop just outside of newark, delaware for lunch at subway). went from there to philadelphia, and from there to atlantic city. i called my cousin justin on the way in and he gave me directions to his place, and after getting turned around a few times i arrived at the marina where his houseboat is and picked him up and we headed into town.

first place we went to was caesar’s palace, and after getting our chips we played some blackjack. i was doing ok for a while and came out ahead for a little bit, but then ended up losing the rest. justin suggested this other casino called borgata because the cocktail waitresses there were much more scantily dressed, so after walking the boardwalk for a little bit and checking out the ladies out there we drove over to the borgata.

at the borgata after inspecting the premises and checking to be sure the waitresses were in sufficently scanty attire – which they were (take note, johnhr11, in case we DO make this a brotherhood event… also, justin said he saw in an article about the casino they had a calendar made up with a bunch of their waitresses wearing lingerie, but we were unable to find it in the gift shop even though we did see it on display in the lobby! no purchasing of goods for us. i can’t even find it online! 🙁 🙁 🙁 phooey!) – we did some more blackjack. when we played blackjack at caesar’s palace the cheapest table we could find was $15 minimum bet (boo!) but at the borgata it was only $5 minimum (yay!!). so we hung out at one of the $5 tables and played for a while. justin only had $20 and managed to hold out for about an hour and a half. i had $50 there and ended up hovering just at or under $50, occasinally dipping further down to about $15, and back up to $45, but never back up to $50. eventually i lost it all there as well.

finally we went over to the roulette table where i got about $40 on there, and started doing pretty well (i got two numbers right one right after another, and so for each of those i got right i got $35 for my $1 i put down), going ahead by about $60, but then ended up losing all that as well. oh well… it was considered to be gone anyways, and it was fun to play as well. when playing roulette justin was sitting out since he was out of all the money he wanted to spend, so he sat to my left and watched me play. on my right sat a girl about our age who kept practically crawling across me to put down her wagers, and she kept apologizing to me for her falling all over me. i told her not to worry about it, and justin said later he almost told her “you know he’s not going to complain, in some places you actually need to PAY to get that kind of action!” bahahahahaha…

after being cleaned out at the borgata (except for one $2.50 chip i kept as a souvenir) we went back to justin’s boat to get his car and for me to see his houseboat, and then we went to pizza hut for dinner. afterwards we went to aunt terri and uncle john’s place to visit for a bit, and after about 30 minutes or so of visiting i got on my way and headed back home. the trip back home was uneventful, but construction on i-95 caused stop-n-creep traffic for about 30 minutes. 😛

mmm, this mad hungarian is good. if there’s anything that can make a day at the casinos better is an alcoholic beverage when this guy gets home.

all in all it was a very fun day, and it was pretty cool that justin and i got to hang out. i have to say that i definitely prefer borgata over caesar’s palace (note, note, note, and note). i have to agree with those news articles too, i had no desire whatsoever to play slots or video poker or anything like that. table games are where it’s at, baybee! i told justin that seeing the rows and rows of slots made me think of chuck-e-cheese. besides, at least with table games there’s a human element to it instead of a computer saying “HA HA ALL YOUR MONEY ARE BELONG TO ME, MO-RON.” XD;; like with blackjack you can choose to hit or stay, or with roulette you can choose what numbers to put down, but with video poker and video slots it’s just monkey-pull-lever, monkey-get-banana, yanno? unless it was one of those slots with a big ‘ol handle to pull, that might be fun, at least for a little bit. but i don’t want to do any of the games where it’s just pushing a button to spin the “wheels” in the “machine”. 😛

yeah, i want to go back there sometime… it was very nice and lots of fun. if i had planned this more than just wanting to go for a drive to someplace i’ve never been to and have an adventure, i would have seen about spending the night there or something. THE BUFFETS, MAN, THE BUFFETS!! i think i’ll have to do more investigation now 😀 also, las vegas sometime too. yep yep.

speaking of las vegas too, i want to talk to festive but she is not online. *sob* 🙁 🙁