#2540 – audit

you know that audit i worked like crazy on to help ensure we got a good score on it?

we got a 92%. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 90+% is considered to be good.

lots of thanks to me, if i do say so myself. XDD *is conceited* drew says he’s going to take us customer care reps out to dinner at this italian place since we did so well. 😀 and there’s a contest for seeing which customer care rep did the most data/accessory sales (we don’t have comission, but it keeps us from getting yelled at), and right now i’m on track to win… prize is dinner at outback steakhouse. yum yum!

this keeps up i won’t have to buy myself food next month, bahahaha…

tomorrow i’m going to help out at lanham (the store i originally worked at before going to annapolis) – i guess their customer care rep called out sick so i’m filling in. yay for bulletholes in the store window! o_o; XD;

there’s a position open at our marley station and laurel stores for operations manager… drew said i should apply… @_@ i dunno….