#2538 – so i'm that one day closer to my next day off

i’m laying down here trying to fall asleep and i think: i’m losing interest in my job.

mind you the pay is nice, location is close, coworkers are friendly and helpful, and the benefits are great…

but right now i want out. of. retail.

asap. pdq. etc.

i’ve had it with posturing and customers thinking they know better than the employees or that they deserve special consideration. screw that. i want out and into something else.

i sat up, opened up my powerbook, and checked the job listings online to see if i could get anywhere else in the company other than retail store. looks like they’re doing maintenance on the intranet. *sigh*

i’d enjoy my job more if it weren’t for all the customers. right now all i’m doing is working just to finish a day on the job so i’m that one day closer to my next day off.

it’d help more if…

– our store was scheduled and staffed properly so that we didn’t have customers breathing down our necks yelling at us about being short staffed every single day

– we didn’t have to remain in the store an hour after we’ve been scheduled to leave (which is also a half hour after the store closes, so when the store closes at 9 we’ve lately been having to stay until 10:30 pm OR LATER) because of these staffing problems and asshole customers

– customers would quit being assholes and stop queuing up outside the store even before we opened. goddamn, find something better to do!

– people would quit this nit-picking timeclock watching (note the post from the other day, and also note that we don’t even HAVE a timeclock and you’re paid by the closest 15 minutes)

– the higher-ups actually showed some CONCERN about the employees AND the customers. how can you say “we’re about ‘customers first'” and not actually give the stores the staff needed to HANDLE those customers??

the mind boggles. really it does.

i’d say i’m almost at the point where i’d be willing to get a job with another company if i didn’t have to work in a retail establishment. the stress is getting to me, and things are getting too nuts for me to keep a handle on them. and my solectron buddies (the techs) have got it much worse… the other day they were ready to burn down the store and i was ready to join in. (HA! “JOIN IN”!!) *eye beam*

on another work-related note: it IS fun to be a hardass sometimes and just bust on customers. ESPECIALLY when it’s their damn fault in the first place. yes, you used all 1500 of your minutes and then several hundred more. NO i am NOT going to issue any credit for you. those are legitimate charges. oh, so you want to leave for a different company? that’s your choice. should have known better in the first place and kept track. ha! ha! ha!

and now, excuse me – i must be at work at 8 am, and i’m still too hot and awake to fall asleep… ^^;;