#2535 – a close one

boy, that was a close one.

yesterday my direct manager (drew) pulled me aside and said that the store manager (jeff) heard that i came in a few minutes late and wanted drew to confront me on it – drew said he wasn’t going to rake me over the coals since he didn’t care as much as jeff did about punctuality, but just advised me to try to get in earlier on days that jeff was there.

so when i was closing up last night and saw that jeff was opening the store i knew i had to be there early. one of my other customer care workers (kendrick) was thinking of doing a double-shift today, and i sent him a message last night to see if he was but he didn’t reply. i went to bed on the couch upstairs (since it’s easier to wake up when i’m not in my bed), and set my alarm on my pda for 7:25.

the alarm never went off.

at 8:15 mom asks what time i needed to be at work and i squint at the clock and jump up and run downstairs to quickly change and call jeff…

jeff: “hello?”

me: “hey jeff, sorry i’m running late, i set my alarm on my pda and it didn’t go off.”

jeff: “hmm… well, kendrick’s here – did you to switch today?”

me: “uh, no, i think he wanted to pull a double shift… but… hm… i think i remember…”

jeff: “here, kendrick wants to talk…”

kendrick: “didn’t we switch today, buddy?” (it was here i noticed the neon *NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK SAY NO MORE* sign)

me: “oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, i remember, i was reading off the schedule to you the other day but we ended up swapping shifts today.”

kendrick: “yeah, that’s what i thought i remembered…”

nevermind that we didn’t really switch shifts and that kendrick really wanted to do a double shift. so thanks to being creative and a little bit of sneakyness we avoided having me late. jeff is probably suspicious about the whole situation though. XD;;

right now i feel like this guy who bought a new car. o_o;