#2532 – returns / exchanges

i’m cleaning up the house for a cookout we’re going to have later in the day (dad’s having his book-signing downtown today, and the cookout is afterwards), and i found this note that my mom wrote when she was looking at buying her own digital camera instead of buying my old one:

“CANON POWERSHOT S500 – – $417”

now, i bought the model just below this (the s410), and the difference is 1 megapixel between the two cameras… mine is 4, the s500 is 5. but, get this:

i paid $369 for my camera, and it was normally priced for $399. even on best buy’s webpage it was listed as being $399. the s500 is normally priced at $499, and this place has it currently for $413! that’s a whole $77 savings! and even though best buy is going to charge me a 15% restocking fee ($55), it’s STILL CHEAPER to return it and buy it online! so i’m going to see about returning the camera back there and then i’ll probably end up having to wait for a refund check to come in the mail. lame! but oh well, it’s still cheaper. 😛