#2531 – krud

well, six flags was fun… met up there with the other mini owners around 10:30, and we stood around and answered questions about the cars to passers-by. the guy who set up the event is a police officer for montgomery county, and so we got parking spaces up by the front entrance.

around 11 we started to filter in – i hung out with this guy ross and his girl (who i forget the name of at the moment ^^;;), and we hung out for the rest of the day.

first thing we did was go on the two-face roller coaster… it’s a suspension coaster that goes in one direction, and then goes backwards, and after that one we were a bit wobbly. XD;; afterwards we were going to do go-karts but you had to pay extra. boo. 😛

i don’t remember the exact order of things we went on after that… i just remember going on others like “the joker’s jinx” (it was kind of slow, but at some parts near the bottom i was ducking in my seat what with us spinning around all these girders – who cares that the seat extends several inches over my head! XD;;), “roar” (a wooden coaster that really tossed us around), “the mind eraser” (which hurt our ears the way it bounced us around… it was a suspension coaster, but the headrest area was very small :P), “the typhoon coaster” (one of these boat rides that you get wet on… it took FOREVER to get through the line, but that was because the boats were slow-going. at one part i made a joke that maybe one of the boats capsized, and later as we were getting off one of the coasters we saw that ONE ACTUALLY DID. it’s really hard to see in that picture, but the boat in behind was filled up with water and security was escorting people away – from what i could tell it looked like the boat in back ran aground or something… who knows. really weird. i got soaked on the ride, and since i was wearing jeans and boots the water just soaked right up in the jeans and got in my boots so i had to slosh around for most of the rest of the day :P), and “superman: ride of steel” (200 foot drop and 70+ mph! zowie! someone got sick on it before we went on and so they had to close it down until they could clean it up XD;;; mom also said that some guy flew off one and died, so i guess that’s why they had a funky restraining system o_o;;;;). there might have been one or two other rides in there that we went on, and during our lunch we watched a batman stunt show which was corny but not bad (there’s so much other batman stuff in the park though they should have just called the place “batpark”!), but the only coaster we didn’t go on was “batwing” (it’s really odd, it’s like you’re flying with a rocket jetpack or something – headfirst!), but we were tired by then and ready to go.

all in all that was lots of fun and got to meet up with other mini owners and had a good time. i would have gotten sunburned if this older lady that was with our group didn’t give me sunscreen to put on, and boy did it help!

i got my internet radio station all set up! tune in to hear radioKRUD – don’t touch that dial… it’s got KRUD on it! i did some fiddling around with it and applescript and itunes so i’ve got it fading out whatever song it’s playing at midnight and at midnight play one of the few versions of the star spangled banner i have. XD give it a listen!! i want to hear what you guys think of it, or what other suggestions you might have for it… i’ve also got it set up so if you’re using ichat on the mac and you add “radiokrud” as one of your buddies it’ll show you what’s currently playing in the ichat status too, pretty handy! i might just lean toward using the radio station instead of posting mp3s… i’m not sure yet…

there’s a few other things i’m going to fix up with it too, but it’s after 4:30 in the am and i’m ready for bed. XD;;;