#2530 – argumentative

so i wake up from sleeping (slept a good 2 or 3 hours), and needed to eat my dinner – a hamburger that dad fried up earlier when he and mom and anne were eating, but i felt so bad after being out all day i just wanted to sleep. so i go upstairs to eat, and on the way up mom yells at me for not putting together this grill she got dad for father’s day (which i had previously told her that i would put it together, and yes i said i still remembered i needed to put it together). and then i go up to the bathroom and on my way out dad sternly tells me to “watch your tone of voice” after the way mom was yelling at me, and then i apologize to him and explain how i just woke up. so i get my food, go to the den, and start to eat and in comes mom again yelling at me about the towels that still needed to be put in the washer from my car-washing yesterday (which i do admit was my bad – i should have put them in there yesterday but i forgot about that… after washing the car all i wanted to do was jump in the shower since i was feeling so icky).

but man, all this getting yelled at in the span of 10 minutes… and i used to wonder why some people never listen to their parents. 😛