#2527 – figures

well, i tried to wash my car, but halfway through washing it mom pulled up the driveway in the minivan and knocked over my bucket of suds, so i had to go to the store and get more and return to home to start washing the car all over again -_-;

so i went to the store, got two more bottles of クリーン・さん, and looked up and down the aisle and saw this! i figured i’d get myself a new toy and buy it since i was going to wash the car anyway and i was rather upset at the world and also wanted to see how well it worked.

so i gave that car a good washing, and didn’t have to work at drying it or anything like that, and now it’s all nice and clean and shiny, and i used the de-ionized water to clean the interior windows too so it wouldn’t streak (no using glass cleaners on tinted windows! bad!). afterwards the car looked really really nice!

and then it started to rain. -_-;; figures. but i think all we got here were a few drops and that was all, so the car is still clean and spot-free! i didn’t get a chance to take pictures of it though… oh well…