#2526 – upset

i should be happy that i’ve finally got my days off, but i’m just upset right now. it’s just a bunch of little things all happening at once, from when some lady from direct sales calling me on my personal phone to help out a customer (i’m going to have to have a talk with the store manager about who i think gave out my number) as i was leaving the store to just now when i was in the middle of washing the car and mom knocked over my bucket of suds, and considering that this was the last bottle of cleaning solution that we HAD i’m finding it very inconvenient to stop washing and to go to the store to buy a new bottle and go back home and start washing my car all over again. >_<;;; and i was hoping to get it done while it was still daylight outside so i could take some pictures for one guy who was interested in the tinting that i had done.