#2517 – best TA i've had

i dreamt last night that raptorhigh was hiding something (i think it was a camera) from this girl i used to know at school here… when she started to get upset that she couldn’t find it i ratted him out and she asked why i did that for her. i told her it was because she was the best teacher’s assistant i’ve ever had (which was true – she did an excellent job and everybody in the class ended up missing her after she left… i think she ended up moving down to the carolinas or something for grad school if i remember right), and she was so touched that i did all that just for her that she hugged me and just started making out. there was more to the dream than just that “storyline”, but the rest of it isn’t as notable.

that was a nice dream. i guess setting the away message in ichat to say “dreaming of hawt chix” really does work!

now to get ready for work, and go to the credit union to drop off some paperwork for the auto loan… yaaay.