#2511 – resurrection

so that dead pixel i had? a little massaging with my finger, and LO! IT’S BEEN RESURRECTED! hooray!

so now instead of going up to towson to the apple store tomorrow i’m going to go to white marsh instead to see about getting my windows tinted – i talked with one of my managers about it today and he suggested d&l tinting, and this thread seemed to recommend them pretty well. ^_^

i was at work for almost 12 hours today… we had a store meeting starting from 9:30 am until the store opened at noon, and then worked from noon until store closed at 6, and then stayed from then until 9 pm to help work on the audit. we’re going to be audited at work any day now for compliance (we got an email from the lady that’s going to be doing the audit saying she’s going to be in there any day now). and since we had some things that needed to be finished up and since i’m interested in maybe going on to do more of the compliance things with the company (it’s just a matter of making sure you’re following the methods and procedures to the letter) i stayed behind to get some of the work done. we need to get a 90% or better on it.

i also had secret ulterior motives for staying later too! oh ho ho ho ho…


i already talked about how i want to get into compliance (maybe). it’s better than working with customers! and it’s pretty easy for me… just make sure things are done exactly the way they’re supposed to be.


one of my managers (drew, the manager of operations) is a cool guy (well, all my managers are cool, but he’s extra cool). he’s relatively new to his position and he needs to have a good score on this audit, so i wanted to help him out any way i could – he’s been charging me with more responsibilities and tasks on the job so i’ve been stepping up to the plate to take care of them. he says that now i’m his “go-to guy”, so i pretty much take care of the stuff he’d need to when he’s not there. so helping him out will end up helping me out when the bonuses come out early next year because good score on audit = good reflection on managers = good reflection on me. so then my bonus would look better for that. 😀


the store manager (jeff) and drew were apparently talking together about a week ago or so, and jeff was saying to drew how he was concerned how i always seem to be a few minutes late each day. 😛 i think he’s making it out to be more than what it actually is, because when i’m late it’s only by something like 5 minutes (and you can spend almost that entire time waiting at the traffic light to get in to the shopping center if you happened to come in the front way instead of taking the longer back route with no stops). furthermore, when i do get in at work – late or not – i don’t really goof off compared to other employees… i come in, do my job, do it well, and go home. i know other workers who show up on time or a few minutes early but end up taking breaks several times during the day when i might only take one (if that!). so i wanted to show jeff that i do have a solid work ethic. he was really appreciative of the work i did tonight, so that seems to have worked (at least partially!).


this ties in to #2 and #3… the managers in charge of sales and the store (ted and jeff), part of their bonus is tied in to the audit score. by me stepping up and working on this audit it shows how team-oriented i am in making sure that this is done correctly since they barely have time to work on their other stuff they need to do for it. i told them the other day “i think i’m more concerned about this audit than you two are!” and they’re the ones with $1000+ on the line, hahaha. they looked at each other when i said that and were like “now that’s what we want to hear from our customer care reps!”, hahahaha

so that’s about all i did today. hooray.

i think later i’m going to post some incriminating movies of me. hee hee!