#2510 – dead pixel

grahh, i’ve got a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen. you can’t see it if there’s a white background on something, but on anything dark there’s this little speck in the middle. arghh… i should take this to the apple store to see what they can do. gooooo applecare! note to self: set desktop to black background before going up there otherwise you won’t be able to see it.

i feel like going to a party, hitting the sauce, and making out. good times. XD; anybody know of any parties going on tomorrow night? hm? i don’t work on monday… ;D

to wrap up the week of rock: the 50 coolest song parts! if you listened to the coolest parts of the 50 coolest rock songs… would your head explode?? and for you itunes users out there: easy access to the songs available in the itunes music store thanks to me!