#2507 – where were you

“And if I would have been a bad man

You would have seen the good in me

You would have seen the other

The good man I could be

But since I am a good man

The same was all the same

Nothing I could do, nothing I could do”

motorhead, “one more fucking time”

now where were lyrics like that about a month ago? this was the first time that i actually paid attention to the lyrics and damn do i like those right there.

anyway, no posting of that song there since it’s yet another song that i’ve purchased on the itunes music store, so instead i’ll leave you with something a bit more rocking (“one more fucking time” is pretty slow tempo-wise… kind of a power ballad).

one of my favorite songs to listen to as i zoom down the highway:

“born to raise hell”, motörhead (4.5 MB)

i need to go to bed since i must be at work at 8, but i’m 1) not sleepy, and 2) too bored to do anything else.