#2505 – stop the rock (well, not really)

last night we went to the orioles / diamondbacks game to see some interleague baseball…

the good:

– baseball game

– seats

– seeing randy johnson pitch (since he did that perfect game less than a month ago and all, and there’s been only 16 of those total. also, with interleague games they’d only face off about once every 3 years, and the next game they’d play would be at arizona, and chances are randy johnson would be retired before they came back to baltimore).

– hawt chix watching

the bad:

– the o’s letting two guys score because the pitcher and catcher didn’t have control of the ball 😛

the ugly:

– o’s losing 8 – 1 😛 😛 😛

mom wrote about it all on this forum she frequents. i’ll have you know though that i took the pictures of randy johnson and sir sidney ponson on the mound and the oriole bird on the dugout using my poor-man’s telephoto zoom method (aka “hold the camera up to the binoculars” XD;)… whatt?? it works!

also, why in the world do they play the theme to “jurassic park” after the orioles’ games?? feisty_fitz said she expected to see dinosaurs on the field, so that prompted me to do the raptor and she got upset. XD

i guess i’m not going to go anywhere fancy like the beach today. 😛 i need to clean the leaves out of the stairwell and then who knows… dad and anne went to go see shrek 2 (i didn’t feel like going to see a movie), and then afterwards he needs to get some stuff for the saturn like windshield wiper blades, and i need to get some oil to keep at home for my mini.

continuing on with music that rocks, for you itunes users out there:

“stop the rock”, apollo four forty (4.3 MB)