#2504 – we interrupt this program

we interrupt the program of music that glenn likes that rocks to bring you this – you’d better listen!

“russian bandstand”, spencer & spencer (1.9 MB)

you’d better like that song! is #1 song! XD and if you don’t like, then… *sound of machine gun*

i want to go someplace on wednesday – i’ve got the day off that day. i want to drive somewhere, but i also want to go somewhere and lie down and relax. i’ll probably end up driving to the beach or something, but what fun is the beach when you can’t do anything since it’s too cold to go in the water? hmph. and the beach from here is only about a 2 hour drive at most. not far enough! double hmph. i’m hungry, but i’m also sleepy, and i must be at work at 8, so i guess i won’t get anything to eat now and will soon go to bed. ^^;; at least tomorrow after work we’re going ot the baseball game. 😀

for you itunes users out there: “peaches en regalia”, frank zappa (4.3 MB)