#2501 – intuition and thank goodness for people who flash their lights

that was a blast 😀 😀 😀 i drove out to white marsh and met up with one of the guys in the local area mini owners’ club in the ikea parking lot and we took walkie-talkies and ended up motoring and zooming all over northeastern maryland on twisty and hilly roads. XDDDD i ended up putting about another 250 miles on the car now X3

when i first got there i didn’t see anybody – they were supposed to meet at 10:30 and leave at 11, and i got there around 10:45. i parked out in the open so it’d be easy to spot me, and at 11:05 i saw a mini go by! it stopped at an intersection, and i didn’t know if it was the guy who planned this or who it was, but it looked like they were either waving at me to come and follow or waving at someone in the intersection to drive on through. in any case, after a minute i decided to try and follow them. i couldn’t find them though, so i headed back to the parking lot to hopefully find anybody else, and lo and behold when i got back i found the guy who was in charge of this little event – turned out he was just late getting there. after going over a printout of his map he gave me and setting up his walkie-talkies so we could communicate, we zoomed off and went ALL OVER THE PLACE, including two or three state parks and over a hydroelectric dam. XD i really ought to post the directions we used later, it was a really nice drive. turned out he plans to do an actual mini expedition in october but he wanted to get a feel for the directions first. at some parts we would drive off of the map and just try a road that we saw that looked pretty cool, and then we’d either have to backtrack back to the map or we’d figure out some other route around to get back.

i’m glad i hooked up my ipod to it too, just set it in the cupholder and had it shuffle its way through my music to motor by playlist (includes some of the songs on the cd, and then about 250 more, so i had plenty of tunes) – ended up playing through about 70 songs total through the day. the entire trip took from about 11 am – 3 pm, so that’s a good 4 hours of motoring in there. XD

i really like the way the car handles. 😀 just like a go-kart X33 at one part though we were zooming along and someone flashed their lights at us so we slowed WAAY down, and over the next hill we saw a speed trap. good thing we were warned, because getting a ticket for doing something like a 50 in a 30 would be just stupid. XD;; we saw one or two other minis on the drive, and one of them waved at us so i waved back. 😀

afterwards i drove back to ikea, had lunch, and drove back home. now to wash the car! it’s got some mud on it. poor mini. ;-; at least that shows i’ve been putting it to work XD;