#2497 – motored

well, i took feisty_fitz through downtown annapolis (all the construction and me in my brand new car @_@ ;_;), and then i motored down route 50, through davidsonville, crofton, and bowie, and back up 50, up 97, around bwi, and to the park to watch the planes land. then i thought it’d be nice to drive down to national airport by dc and watch the planes there, but i was hungry and came back home for lunch.

now i may or may not end up there – depends on traffic XD;;;;

oh! i also updated the bunch of photos from yesterday with some of the interior. check them out!

“hammond organ boogie” (2.3 MB) (yes, it cuts off at the end – if you want more “boogie” you’ll have to pick your nose instead :P)