#2490 – worked through lunch

ok, let’s count ’em up…

good: didn’t oversleep, had a nice shower, got to work on time

good: got free donuts in the morning from coworker

bad: was by myself doing customer service until 1

bad: was SWAMPED with customers, and each had a lengthy issue

good: a coworker from another store showed up to help out, so that let me sit in the back and do paperwork

good: paperwork is EASY. and organizing i had to do was pretty repetitive but still simple

bad: so much work i ended up having to work through lunch

good: have the next 2 days off

bad: no mini yet today. YET!!!! *throws things*

good: no mini yet today. YET!!!! *crosses fingers*

yep, that comes out about even.

*looks for something to eat*