#2489 – *sniff*

guess what i didn’t get today? *sniff* yep, still no mini… *pout* i better get it tomorrow -_-;; but then i’m free to motor on wednesday and thursday 😀 😀 😀

i was 25 minutes late to work, but it’s amazing how fast i was able to get there… woke up at 8:11, was at work at 8:25. and that includes ironing my shirt too, haha – i ought to be a fireman, hahahaha… nothing really bad happened – i’m nowhere near getting the boot XD;; – but it just sucked in general. the rest of the day wasn’t too bad, the store was busy but back in customer service we were pretty slow but steady. tomorrow i’ve got to work on more checking of the salespeoples’ paperwork and file all our paperwork for the month. funnn. but i bring my laptop along and dj it up as i’m doing my work XD

i really don’t understand the rest of the family’s insistence on using hotmail *gag* for their email. ughh… x_x they ask me for help with sending emails and my response: “use a REAL email service”. hotmail = teh crap.

“the cockroach that ate cincinatti”, rose and the arrangement (2.9 MB)