#2487 – in the lot

nothing much special hapened today… worked, after work took a nap until 8, and from 9 to 10:30 went to a small party at a coworker’s place and played some chandeliers (ended up having the equivalent of a beer) with a few coworkers and a friend or two of theirs (who were HAWT with a capital H). afterwards i drove to the mini dealership and saw my car 😀 😀 😀

that’s my car, right there in the middle 😀 i didn’t get a chance to get out and poke around (didn’t want to upset the supposed “24-hr security” at the dealership, so i just oohed and ahhed from the car XD;; as i was pulling away i saw another car parked right there too with its lights on… either they were doing the same – there were several new cars in the lot – or that was the security checking me out XD;;; they were still there as i pulled out of the dealership and drove down to the highway, so who knows what they were up to. i’m probably going to go there tomorrow after work to look again during daylight, but this time i’m going to bring a printout of my spec with my VIN so if there’s any questions i can show them it’s mine <3 <3 XDD; no auto dealerships open on sundays = having to wait until at least monday before i take ownership ;__; still trying to think of places to go for a 2-day vacation... mom suggested either new york or philadelphia... hmm... might have to look into those. 😀 the casino that leahkitty posted about looks interesting though! hmm…

i think i’ll go to early bedtime tonight. and by early i mean “before 2” XD;;

“some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb…”

“evil plot to blow up batman”, neal hefti (1.9 MB)