#2486 – road trip

a pal and i want to go on a trip somewheres, but it can only take a max of 2 days. somewhere where we can go off gambling would be funny and awesome, but vegas and canada are too far and atlantic city is too new jersyish. (we originally wanted to go to vegas, but you can’t do vegas in 2 days 😛 and to get out there on southwest is like $365! no way, just for 2 days. lame).

any suggestions of nifty places to go?? XD; so far we’ve managed to say “hmm” and “sigh” a lot… ^^;;

for you itunes users out there…

“hot for teacher”, van halen (5.8 MB)

“we like to party (the vengabus)”, vengaboys (4.3 MB)

(oh, yeah, i just remembered “road knowledge” – that might help somewhat XD)