#2484 – best entrance evar

the umbc forums run by raptorhigh has its own aim chatroom…

john: “there was a big chat last night”

john: “but there are only 4 people right now”

me: “ha”

john: “but 2 are chicks”

john: “you should mac that”

meanwhile, in the umbc forums chat room…

jeanna: “because apparently her boyfriend hates her”

*glenn has joined the chat*

glenn: “hello ladies!”

jeanna: “…”

jeanna: “no”

prinko: “heylo man”

john: “hahahahahahaha”

john: “best entrance ever”

well, today i signed up for my own car insurance. go glenn go! it’s like $2303 / year. bleh. guess it’ll go down once i reach 23. now my mini just needs to be delivered today! 😛 (weirdness, the delivery date for the mini went from 5/28 – friday – to 5/27 – YESTERDAY. and yet it still says it’s at the vdc. hmph.)

work wasn’t too bad until the last half hour. all day long, no incidents, i just sat in the back and worked on paperwork all day. 30 minutes before we closed we got a big line of people. no problem. and then this lady came in and when the manager helping her on the salesfloor told her we couldn’t help her since the account was in someone else’s name she started yelling and cussing, and then she whipped out her phone and proceeded to have a long and profane conversation with someone on the other end for 40 minutes on speakerphone so the whole store could hear. eventually one of the other customers told her to please be quiet (and then someone else told her to cram it XDD), and that got her all fired up and started yelling and cussing at everyone and saying stuff like “THEY CAN’T TREAT ME LIKE THIS! THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION WAS 200 YEARS AGO AND THEY CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I’LL GET TYRESE TO COME OUT HERE AND ROUGH YOU UP! MHMM!!” i was sure she was || <- this close to doing three snaps in a "z" formation. eventually she started to threaten some of the customers saying she'd beat them up as soon as they left the store, and then she and her two friends left the store. soon as they left we called the cops to make sure there wouldn't be any trouble outside. still though everything took forever and we didn't get out of the store until 10:45. lame. i've been loving van halen a lot lately... i can't stop listening! “beautiful girls”, van halen (3.5 MB)

“why can’t this be love?”, van halen (3.5 MB)

“why can’t this be love” makes me think of teenage after-school specials from the 80s. XD;; more van halen songs i love that i will post later include “hot for teacher”, other ones i love but can’t post include “best of both worlds” and “eruption” (i’ve bought those ones off the itunes music store dontcha know). seriously, though, HOW DOES VAN HALEN MANAGE TO ROCK SO HARD??!! that rock rawks.