#2483 – thrills, chills, and spills

well, bruno_boy, feisty_fitz, and stueypark went with me to the baseball game, and two of my coworkers came along as well. the baseball game can be summed up as…


– seeing the orioles vs the yankees go back and forth with the score!

– diving catches!

– booing the yankees!

– getting booed by yankee fans!

– seeing cops break up at least 3 fights and eject at least 7 people out of the park!


– getting almost run off the road on the way to the baseball game!

– having a long rain delay, getting cooled by the air but staying dry under the overhang!


– seeing one guy run out and slide on the tarp during the rain delay only to be caught by the police!

– finding out someone spilled beer on feisty_fitz‘s free hat she got!

too bad the orioles lost ( ;___; ), but it was a good game nevertheless. i talked a little bit with shoujonomori during the rain delay and chatted with whammywah on aim during the game via my phone – he gave me running commentary about what was going on on the tv at home.

one thing that was really funny was in between innings on the videoboard they do a type of pea-under-the-shell game but with a baseball under animated crabs… after doing it once with 3 crabs, they did it again, but the second time the screen said “THIS ONE’S FOR THE YANKEE FANS!”, and instead of moving all three crabs around they only put the ball under and moved one while the other two just sat there, and afterwards when the ball was revealed the screen said “YES! THIS CRAB HAS THE BALL!! HE REALLY DOES!!!” XDDD

i don’t think i’ll be able to talk tomorrow. don’t say i didn’t do my share of yelling and booing. XDD;

now to be off to bed, need to go to the insurance company in the morning to sign the papers for my car insurance policy, and then off to work at noon.