#2482 – partners in adventure!

festive and i are partners… … …IN ADVENTURE!!! XD if i can get 4 days off in a row we’re going to vegas, baby, vegas! XDD it’s also fun when we bounce ideas off of each other about travelling or studying abroad or where’s a good place to move to or other stuff like that. besides, how can you not like someone who likes penguins? 😀

mom finally paid me for my digital camera 😀 now i just need to find a new one to buy ^_^;; i’ve been looking around to see what i should get, but i’ve got no idea which one i want. i want a point-n-shoot, and i’m leaning toward the canon powershot S400 or the S500 (they’re both the same size as my old one – which i really like – and they’ve got more megapixels so higher quality). but sometime i want to get the digital rebel too, since that’s a digital slr camera and i want to get to try out some of the more manual aspects of photography that you can’t do with just a point-n-shoot. ^^;; hrm. i don’t have the money for the digital rebel (well, i do, but i can’t convince myself to spend almost $900 on a camera XD;; and raptorhigh says if i get it he’d punch me in the face and not be my friend anymore since he wants it for himself), and with the S400 / S500 it’s ~$40 difference between the two but then you get higher resolution and 1.1 more megapixels. i can’t make up my mind – it was much easier when i got my old one 3 years ago… there was less selection then, and just seeing it in a digicam comparison review in macworld and getting editor’s choice sold me on it.

sheesh, this new cat is sexually harassing me! 😛 i can’t wait until we get her fixed 😛 😛 😛 😛

how do you like my new icon too? XDD