#2480 – 5 more days :D

estimated delivery date: 5/28/04. i guess this means that the boat has arrived in new york (like it was supposed to) today, but the shipping company’s site hasn’t updated yet. surprise surprise. the site didn’t even show my car was loaded on until it sailed (as one person said online on some mini forms: “what? did they load it on by helicopter??”, but was told they probably have someone just go around and check to see what’s been loaded on while the ship is underway. seems inefficient to me – i’d scan them as they went on – but that’s just me.)

that means i might have it as soon as saturday! (i work until close on friday, so then i can pick it up on saturday after work, and try to get off on sunday so i can motor around!) 😀 😀

i don’t want to go to work early tomorrow, but we are having a store meeting at 9:30 am. yaaaaay. one of my coworkers thinks i might be getting the employee of the month award since it was one other customer care rep and i going neck and neck in our data / accessory sales, and since the other guy got the boot that just leaves me XD). i don’t really care one way or another though. other chores to be done tomorrow: water azaleas, do dishes.

“love seeker (can’t stop it)”, VisioN (4.3 MB) – they sound like a japanese version of “queen”! o_o;