#2476 – o's vs yankees

the thing that i’m looking forward to other than getting the car is the orioles / yankees game next wednesday – bruno_boy, stueypark, feisty_fitz, two of my coworkers and myself are going XDD it’s going to be fun because we want to boo at the yankees, and one of my coworkers going is from boston and a big orioles / red sox fan so he’s going to be all obnoxious XDDDDDDD and the coworker he’s bringing along is a HUGE yankees fan. X3333333 that’s going to be fun to watch XDDD

i think that’s about it for tonight. i need to be at work tomorrow at 8:30 😛 i was going to go to my cousin’s wedding over the weekend but nobody could swap days off with me, so i’ll be home by myself instead of with the family at the wedding. LAME. ;_;