#2475 – on this boat

work was much better today – actually got out of the store just after 9:30, nobody being a total pain, pretty much a total about face from yesterday. yesterday i had the most bizarre things happen; one guy yell at me while i was on the phone with a customer saying “tell them to get off the phone and come in the store and stop wasting everybody’s time!!”, a gay guy turn drama queen on me (which probably would have been pretty funny if i wasn’t stressed out already, haha), and not getting out of the store until 10:15 when we closed at 9. 😛

today another person with their mini on the same boat as mine posted this online…

see that little bit where it says “JPPT” (yeah, it’s a little hard to see)? that’s the boat the car’s on! XDDD i got the new loan check from the bank today for the car… i’m feeling pretty proud about myself with the whole situation. ~6 months ago i was just driving down the road and thought “i wish i had a mini cooper”, and now not only am i getting ready to get one, but i’m getting one myself, in my own name, without any help from anybody. i’m putting down just over 1/3 of the cost and financing the rest.

i like doing things like this all by myself. 😀