#2466 – getting ready

i’m glad i’m able to follow the status of my mini as it gets transported. right now it’s somewhere in the middle of the atlantic aboard the JINGU MARU, due to arrive in new york city on the 23rd (this sunday). from there it goes to the vehicle processing center, and then from there to the dealer, so i’m estimating i’ll have it by the end of the month 😀 😀 😀

that’s still about 12 days away or so now, but it gives me plenty of time to get ready! i’ve been planning all sorts of things, hahaha… i’m working on one of those things right now actually! and it looks surprisingly good! 😀 😀 😀 i’m so excited about this! now i know what our cats felt like when they would run up while somebody would be printing something and just sit and stare at the printer – i’m finding myself do that with the thing i’m working on the computer right now XDD;;; i’ll show everybody on here tomorrow what it is i’m working on XDDDD it’s corny but kind of cute at the same time 😀


oh man, i ought to make a checklist of all the stuff i’ll need to have done by then. o_o;; it’s like planning a wedding almost! XD;;;;;;;

edit: that is, if my printer would stop being stupid

edit 2: “if an error has occurred, please eliminate the cause of the error” is not a helpful error message 😛

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