#2465 – dog and a beer

nothing like going to a baseball game and having a hot dog and a beer while watching your team win. yummm. first time i’ve been able to do that too. have the hot dog and the beer that is. i get to see my team win lots of times, like they will when i go to the game against the yankees next week (i HAVE to go, if only to poke fun at shoujonomori XDD).

anyway, now that my mini is built, from what i can tell it’s on a ship. or not. the site says it is, and the site says that the ship has shipped already (a few days ago, actually), but it doesn’t say that my mini was loaded on. but it does say my mini is supposed to be on this ship, the “jingu maru”. anyway, i’ll find out for sure when i check in a day or so to see if they’ve updated it.

in any case, from what i understand, if it is on this ship then it’ll arrive in new york on the 23rd, and then it should go to a special place that makes sure everything is a-ok before sending it to the dealer where i pick it up. who knows how long it needs to stay at that special place, but this means that i could even have my car by the end of the month assuming it goes through customs and inspection and everything right quick and that all takes less than a week. 😀 😀

now i will lie in bed and watch azumanga daioh, because i can. XD