#2458 – night on the town

went out for the night with 4-6 of my coworkers (first we went to a japanese grill, and then some of us went to downtown annapolis to a bar and danced and boozed it up).

i can’t see straight now, partially due to booze and partially due to smoke and loud music. that’s what i get for having some sake and a yuengling and an irish carbomb though.

in any case, it was nice to go hang out with them, have a few beers and some sake and such. and still be only 3 minutes away from home!

that was especially good with all that’s gone on the past day… chances are you know what i mean about that. the calculus exam wasn’t that great – one of my friends who’s doing decent in the class even had no idea what to do with a lot of the exam since it was made by a different professor. i myself couldn’t concentrate because of everything i had to deal with today. stuff going on last night, customers yelling at me at work this morning (we were swamped like crazy most of the day, but no really irate customers), and having to head right back to work after the exam. 🙁

i’m just glad that everything’s over for the year now. blech. i’m still a bit upset about last night, but if someone can’t be honest about the way they feel than why bother with them, yanno? still, though, it’s a bit crappy. but what can you do?

now to bed. work at 12.