#2450 – oh boy oh boy

my brother eric will be posting up pictures of white rose this weekend, so that means that hopefully there’ll be some pictures of the hotness i have the hots for. oh boy oh boy! 😀 😀

i’m still a bit nervous about the whole situation, but i’ve got some ideas churning through my head thanks to jschlackman and evilyn. still haven’t figured out what to do or say yet, but it’s a start! 😀 i’d feel a little better about the situation if she were to be the one to message me so i wouldn’t get this feeling i’m pestering her, but what can you do.

and feisty_fitz, i do my best thinking online – it’s easier, that’s why XD;;

“i love fpm (konishi yasuharu mix)”, fantastic plastic machine (6.1 MB)

now to bed, i have an exam in 10 1/2 hours!