#2442 – ow hangover ow! oh accursed boozes!!

let me just say that white rose last night was fantastic! had good steak and crabcake for dinner, drank, danced, and after-partied it up. met a girl name julie and seem to have struck things off pretty well so far at the after-party, got her aim name, and we’ve been talking online for a bit this morning already. 😀 😀 i couldn’t help from stealing glances at her during the formal, and at one part i complemented her on how nice she looked in her dress (it looked something like 60s pop art with a bunch of rectangles on it, and the colors of these squares and such were black and white and cyan). yeah, i’m a dork. she really did look nice though. at the after-party at the hotel we watched the white rose video which ski worked on and looked really really good! i can’t wait for it to be available on dvd (they’re going to try to get dvd copies of it made up) because some parts i just have to share online, haha.

partied so hard i forgot i left my shoes in the after-party suite and realized it after the occupants had already checked out of the hotel, so i had to drive back home to annapolis from dundalk in my socks. they rescued some pairs of shoes from the room and so they’re up at the fraternity’s apartment on campus – i’ll have to check it out tomorrow.

went to bed last night in my hotel room and the room just kept wanting to spin. i managed to fall asleep but was woken early in the morning after the sun started shining through the window.

only thing that would have made it better was if i was given a carpet ride – one of the alumni was pointing at me the entire time saying “WE HAVE TO CARPET RIDE THIS GUY”, but alas, no carpet ride. shucks.

otherwise, it was a blast! 😀 or to quote somethinguseful, it was “ace”. 😀 😀

now i want pancakes or eggs or some combination of the two. i was too sore when i woke up to go down to the free breakfast in the hotel restaurant. time to cook me up some eats, drop off my tux, swing by my store to pick up my mother’s day card i accidentally left there yesterday (^_^;;;) and then work on stuff before going to church at 5:30.

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(i’ve had “whoomp! there it is!” stuck in my head since i went to bed last night o_o;)