#2435 – hall of fame

ocarina: first kiss, first real relationship…

well… writing you an email to get when you return from here. ^^ because i’m having a “frame-layout” block and can’t figure out how to draw this the 5th page i’ve drawn this hour. ^_^ oh, i’m productive.

i was really really really happy to have you come and stay and partay with us this weekend. even if it meant being lost around DC. ummm… >.> i feel like i should say something significant and important… you’re an amazing guy- you weathered some very strange girls trying their best to be shocking and humourous. ^_^ and i so very much enjoyed talking to you on the car drive, even thou i was beating myself up for the first portion of it. and i surprised myself with how much i liked listening to your band perfrmance. normally when someone brings out “yeah, this is music with me in it” it’s not worth listening too, but what can i say, i should believe you whenever you say something is good.

i should tell you that i like you best of all for your conversation- i decided in the car that i wanted to kiss you. and i’m glad i did. i was a little surprised you said it was your first- i didn’t think guys liked to admit things like that. ^^;; but… yeah… *^^* you painted your toenails! how cool is that?

mmm.. i alwasys start emails like this with clear ideas of what to write in my head, but i’m afraid i’ve lost them. ^^ but no matter- i’ll talk to you again. ^_^


evilyn: second kiss, mostly just a makeout session, but still was very nice

saccarineayako: lj post 1. travelled up to and met in new york city in jan 2002, had a wonderful weekend with her, we made out like bandits and she gave me a handjob. 😀 wonder why the relationship all went south? 🙁