#2431 – running on fumes

well, last night i worked and worked some more on finishing up my culture project. basically i had the itinerary all planned out so i just had to go through and find pics for each particular thing i did and type up a paper detailing where i went and what i did and so on and so on. i ended up having to work straight through the night (some pics were hard to find and sometimes i drew a blank as to where i actually got the information from in some cases so that i could elaborate some.

now, backtrack: last night we closed the store up and did not get out anywhere near on time – usually it only takes from 9:00 – 9:30 to close the store. last night we closed at 9 and due to short staff and long lines we didn’t get out until 10:30, an hour later than usual. 😛 anyway, i say this just to mention that i didn’t start on the final bits of the project until 11:30 – 12:00 last night.

so i get to school, put my head on the desk, and take a 15 minute catnap. next thing i know i’s just after 9 and sensi is talkign about something or other. in any case, i gave my presenation (half the places i went to ion my actual trip were places i had actually been to), the class loved it, sensei loved it, and they were surprised when i said how some of the places i had actually been to and passed around actual brochures or the japan railpass or other stuff like that. sensei kept my pictures for future classes. i told her i’ll burn a cd of the pics i took and she can put that in the international media center to help people with their projects. after my presentation some people asked me questions, like if there were anything like squirrels in japan, or how did people treat me in japan. maybe i’ll tell her sensei that she can have me come in to answer questions to classes if they want since that was pretty fun. hm… at least i got an ‘A’ on the presentation (don’t know if that’s for just the presentation or the entire thing or if there’s going to be another grade for the written bit.

now i’m so ready to fall asleep. i keep nodding off during comp sci right now it’s taken me about 30 minutes so far just to type this up since i keep starting to fall asleep in the lecture hall. if i snore, it’s curtains for me. =O at least we got free candy, and you all know my stance on free candy!

i think right after class i’m going to take a nap once i meet up with bruno_boy, haha. catch me some z’s.