#2430 – zing!

iancomix-nick: “blah blah something about nuclear weapons blah blah”

me: “har har”

iancomix-nick: “but if you played metal gear solid you’d know that they signed this-and-that treaty in 1999…!”

me: “and if you played donkey kong you’d know there’s a monkey out there throwing barrels at people!”

john and cut-dave: “OMG PWNED!”

iancomix-nick: *gives me the finger*

john: “you’ll have to do that for like 10 minutes because that zing was off the charts”

iancomix-nick: *continues giving me the finger*

me: “HA. that was the ultimate zing

oh yeah, all that was on about 15 minutes of sleep this morning. bahahaha