#2427 – bash

we (and by “we” i mean my fraternity brothers and i) are doing a car bash at school today. busting up a car is fun!

i got a whole 90 minutes of sleep last night, but i got my culture project all done except for writing up an actual step-by-step bit, but all the planning is done. around 6:30 i figured i’d call it a night and so i just cleared up a space on my bed and went to sleep. i didn’t have to do my presentation in class today (i’m scheduled to do it on wednesday, but sensei said to be ready for it today “just in case”).

mom called me today to say that we had a power outage at home this morning, and now the family’s computer doesn’t want to start up and my (old) computer is sitting in my room with a funny looking yellow light lit up. i tried to connect to it over the internet but it’s not responding. hm. at least it’s good i got that new surge protector at the store the other day, so i’ve still got the reciept and everything, so if my computer is busted then i could probably get loot with the warranty cash 😀 😀 i’ll have to check and see when i get home.