#2349 – busy

oh man, the things i need to do by monday night at midnight are too numerous to count. o_o;


– work until 5:30

– get mother’s day card

– pick up tux

– pick up pia and peter and his date

– white rose formal from 7:00 – late


– mother’s day


– japanese exam

– japanese homework

– comp sci project

most of that will be done all day sunday and monday during the day since i won’t be around to work on things saturday night. crap crap crap crap. at least my classes on monday are pretty much optional except for japanese – they’er just review for the final. i think i’ll be skipping those and spending most of the day in the library since this comp sci project NEEDS to be completed on time. T_T;;

just think… this time next week i won’t have to worry about anything for another 4 months.