#2347 – fit in

well, even though my appointment was with some girl named jamie (who’s cute too), suzy was able to fit me in and get my hair cut today 😀 😀 i had to wait for her to finish with an appointment or two, but she always does a good job with my hair. and she’s hawt. XD (i was tempted to ask her what happened at the paradise hotel, where according to my old coworker johnny c she was caught naked with another girl or something, but then i remembered that when you’re sitting down with a funny cape around your neck and a woman is standing behind you with sharp objects like pairs of scissors and clippers and heavy objects like blowdryers, that right there is a bad time to ask them about the time they were naked. so i didn’t.). she was glad that i waited for her, though, and she tipped me off that starting on the 1st of next month she’s going to another place called “clips” or something… i’m not sure. in any case she wrote it down for me so i won’t forget.

afterwards i got myself fitted for a tuxedo for white rose, the fraternity’s formal. that’s going to be on saturday.

anyway, that’s been my morning so far. now i’ve got to get ready for work (and by “get ready” i mean “iron a shirt” – i’m already wearing the rest of my work clothes, haha), and then go to work from 1 – 9:30. hooray.

(i’ve STILL got “tour de france” stuck in my head. ahhhhhhhh!)