#2421 – party

i requested it last month when they were making the schedule, but i forgot about it until this past tuesday. what is “it”, you ask?

me having off of work this friday-sunday, that’s what! 😀 😀 😀

i requested it off so i could get some schoolwork and studying done before the final crunch before exams and go see geminid and jschlackman at their reception on saturday. shortieterp also tells me that there’s going to be a party or two going on saturday night too, so saturday is going to be PARTY CITY! HOORAY!! 😀 😀 this means that tomorrow i open the store from 8 until… *checks*… 4:30, and then NO WORK OR SCHOOL FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS!! 😀 😀 😀

i called my manager today to be sure of the schedule for this weekend and he wondered if i might be able to come in for a few hours on sunday… i told him maybe, but i wasn’t going to promise anything, haha. XD

speaking of managers, my coworker drew got the position of operations manager in the store (means he’s going to be in charge of us customer care reps), which is good because he and i get along really well. the previous manager (joe lafrancesca) was really good and we all liked to have our chuckles during the day, so it’ll be sad to see good ‘ol “joe la” go off to a different store.

i cleaned off my bed so i can finally sleep in my own bed for once… for the past 5 months or so i’ve been sleeping on the couch since the basement was freezing and my bed was covered in random stuff, but now it’s clutter free 😀 hopefully this’ll help the soreness i’ve had in the muscles in my back – being cramped up on the couch probably didn’t help XD;;;

finally, i’ve had this song stuck in my head all day… XDD

your pool rips! (i cleaned it yesterday…)

girls look cute! (in their swimming suits!)

holy guacamole! (we’ve got chips!)

so c’mon take a dip…


“pool party”, aquabats (3.9 MB)