#2420 – tell me something i don't know

i went to my advisor today for advisement and he basically said that i’m nowhere close to graduation, have several classes i need to take, need to bring up my gpa , and how i basically need to improve so many things. “you really ought to consider just going part-time next year and work on bringing up your gpa – because you’ll definitely want to go to grad school – and don’t worry about rushing out of here. you’re definitely not a ‘c’ student, and i know this, and you know this, and probably several frustrated instructors know this too,” he said.

my advisor is a nice guy and all and really helpful, but really, tell me stuff i don’t know. haha…

so now i’ve got my advisement out of the way. now i’m hanging out in the commons with whammywah and raptorhigh (bruno_boy was hanging out with us earlier). i downloaded the new itunes update and it ROCKS. there’s so much new stuff in it that i’m discovering, haha. it’s like christmas! or something like that.

i can’t stop glancing over at this girl sitting next to the table i’m at in the commons right now… oh yeah, i like hawt chix. but you already knew that. XD;