#2412 – warui desu yo

just got out of my japanese exam, and it SUCKED. i had such a good feeling about it too (if it was going to be anything like the previous exam), got up early, took a shower, got to umbc in a record 20 minutes (usually takes 35+ minutes), and it even almost seemed that we were going to have it pushed back another class. but no, it sucked, it really sucked, ‘cos it sucked BALLS. lots of other people in the class seemed to be upset about it (especially one guy in the back of the room who kept muttering under his breath “you’ve GOT to be shitting me” during the exam).

i suppose it would have really helped if i had studied more about the humble/polite forms and their associated information, but alas it’s too late now.

sensei even used up the first 30 minutes or so of the class, leaving us with only just over an hour of the class to do the exam… class gets out at 10:40. myself and about a dozen other people had to go sit in the hallway to finish up. eventually i was just writing down what i felt like, not knowing if it was going to be correct or not. ^^;;;

why has my right arm been hurting me lately? it feels like i’ve got some sore muscles in there… maybe i’ve been sleeping on it or something… hm. 😛

i forgot to post this first one with the picture of me from yesterday…

“i’m a thug”, trick daddy (5.8 MB)

“ultra relax”, kodomo no omocha (4.1 MB)