#2408 – what a difference a day makes

or a year. or three…

me: “Hey, Pete, you should go to that book-sale at the library…”

pete: “Yeah? Reading is my favorite pasttime…”

me: “Reading’s my second-favorite pastime.”

pete: “What’s your favorite pastime?”

me: “Not reading.”

pete: “I’m going to start up a campaign: ‘got book?'”

dan: “You two should be shot!”

me: “I guess Dan doesn’t ‘got book’…”

dan: “I also don’t ‘got bad joke’, either!”

dr who tonight was a good one… time to go to sleep for me… need to try to be up for church at 9 since mom yelled at me last week since i wasn’t able to go. 😛 personally, i feel there’s more to it than just going to church – if you try to live a good life and live by the religion, going to church serves as a type of “refresher” course. at least that’s kind of what i think. it’s more than just that, but that’s the 3 am basics.

shoujonomori is trying to sell some of her old manga (at least her kodomo no omocha manga vols 1-9… “mint condition, $40 for the set (usually would be $60)”… i think she might have more stuff to sell too… comment here if you’re interested!

“folsom prison blues (live)”, johnny cash (3.1 MB)