#2407 – pooped

work today sucked. i wish i could have been doing fun things like being outside, in the sunshine, at quadmania at umbc, boozing it up and watching hawt chix. do you know i’ve never been to quadmania at umbc at all since i started at umbc 4 years ago? i really would have liked to be boozing it up instead of being at work today, though. nobody got really upset – it was just a bunch of minor problems though the customers were aggravating – but it was just a long day. we were supposed to close the store at 8 and be out by 8:30, but we didn’t get out until 9. lame.

mom saw how pooped i was, so she’s making me pork ‘n beans for dinner 😀

i should get to work on my computer programming project, but i can’t bring myself to get back to work on it… it’s really bad, this one. ugh…