#2405 – johnny c

well, my coworker johnny c (the one who had been on thin ice for being late too many times) is no longer employed with the company… they let him go today. on one hand i’m surprised, but on the other hand i’m not. it’s a shame…. the managers told us today that now that we’re short-staffed any overtime we want to work we’re certainly welcome to. it’s funny, it always seems like that around here since people change positions or locations so often. at least we haven’t been really really busy at work so far…

it’s funny, i think i seemed more upset about it than he did, haha ^_^;

i got my cds (“luxury” and “the fantastic plastic machine” by fanastic plastic machine, “definitive hits” by herb alpert & the tijuana brass, and “the complex” by blue man group) and the kill bill dvd in the mail a day or three ago. i’ve only had a chance to watch the first 10 minutes of kill bill so far but i’m really liking it so far. i had downloaded the soundtrack for volumes 1 and 2, and i noticed that in the cd artwork for vol. 2 it says “kill bill” in katakana. おもしろいですねえ!

if i was able to switch shifts today i’d be at our initiation tonight, but alas i am not. duty calls

the girls out in summer outfits already are looking quite nice. every day is like a fashion show for me, mr connoisseur of women from afar. i’d talk about how i could use a ladyfriend and how i hate feeling like this every spring, but i’ll spare you from this post drifting into OMGLJANGSTWTFBBQ territory, though.

i feel like i had more to say…. hm… oh well. i don’t feel very profound tonight.

“i’ve forgotten my fagotto”, fantastic plastic machine (3.3 MB)

“mpf (mezzo pianoforte)”, fantastic plastic machine (3.8 MB)