#2402 – your move, sherlock

so i’m sitting here pretending i’m working on my computer science project when i get an aim message from someone with the name “populardemands“…

populardemands: “Hey, what’s up. This is Mike Krahulik, we went to school together in Mary Land.”

me: “hey hey”

populardemands: “I actually have an urgent message from Jesse. Can I have your number? I’ll explain everything.”

*me to rival dave: “1. who is mike krahulik, and 2. who really spells it ‘mary land’?”*

*according to the rival dave, “mike krahulik” = gabe from penny arcade.*

this is where i thought things started to get fishy… i really doubt “mike krahulik” doesn’t have better things to do (like draw more penny-arcade, for starters).

me: “sorry, can’t give that out right now, long story – you can email me tho at if that helps?”

*tosses a wrench into the works… aka: “the jig is up, fool”*

me: “so how’s penny-arcade going?”

*some time later*

populardemands: “Why did you steal Zibro’s LiveJournal icon?!”

me: “it was easier than changing my name to “rob banks” and making a few withdraws”

populardemands: “I demand a proper response!”

populardemands: “

populardemands: “Do not hide the truth!”

populardemands: “Zibro worked very hard on that icon!”

populardemands: “He only has limited use in his fingers!”

me: “it was chucklearious”

populardemands: “All I ask is that you apologize to Zibro, publicly in his comments page”

populardemands: “

*since i made it from cropping an image someone posted in a comment to a post, i still had the original file…*

me: “oho, but i have the original file!”

your move, sherlock.


UPDATE 2: can you say pwned? XD


UPDATE 4: CALL OFF THE DOGS AND ‘FESS UP!! … the post is not there anymore, so the text of my reply (hurtstobreakup basically told people to yell at me for “stealing” someone else’s icon 9_9):

“aha! and may i point out that while we both have a similar icon (mine does not have the smiley-faces), note: the source image can be found doing a simple google image search

it is a matter of coincidence, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing personal. 🙂

call off the dog(s), will ya? a public apology seems to be in order.


then xyloart replied with a “*seconds* :E”, hurtstobreakup replied to her with a comment that simply said “Speaking of icons, you’re really ugly.”, and next thing i know it’s blocked to their friends only! zing!