#2401 – operation surprise mom for mother's day

operation surprise mom for mother’s day is underway 😀

she’s been saying she’s wanted an ipod since she’s seen mine and seen oprah and ellen degeneres give them out on tv, and since i’ve run out of room on mine what i’m doing i did was buy a new ipod for myself (40 gigs XDD – i named this one “colt” since it’s a “40”, as in “40 ounce”! XDDDDD) and ordered some ipod polish, and i’m going to clean up my 15 gig ipod real nice and rip her cds onto her computer in seekrit for her for mother’s day 😀 she doesn’t have many songs, so a 15 gig ipod is definitely more than enough. 😀

ooh boy won’t she be surprised! 😀